Providing scientific knowledge and expertise to the public

Part of my appointment includes extension. My extension program focused on two main components, overlapping with my research interests:

(1) preserving urban biodiversity with a focus on urban greenspaces; and

(2) increasing engagement by the public in citizen science programs such as iNaturalist, with an emphasis on discovering urban biodiversity.

If you are interested in discussing extension opportunities or would like to discuss further please reach out.

Urban greenspaces

Urban greenspaces are essential for biodiversity in urban areas. But how they are managed can have a large impact on the diversity that can be found there. For example, although exotic plant species might be aesthetically appealing, natives are better for biodiversity. Part of my extension program aims to understand which features are critical for improving and preserving biodiversity in urban ecosystems.

Discovering urban biodiversity

Despite challenges, urban areas can be substantial hotspots of biodiversity (see Callaghan et al. 2019 for example). As such, they represent excellent opportunities for people to connect with nature. One way to encourage connection with nature is through participation in citizen science platforms, such as iNaturalist. Part of my extension program aims to increase engagement with the natural world through citizen science, and discover urban biodiversity.