Join the Global ecology research group

We are currently recruiting Masters and PhD students. If you are interested in joining our research group please reach out.

We are always excited to discuss the potential of new students (undergraduate, M.S., or PhD), postdoctoral research fellows, or research visitors.

We welcome applicants from any race, ethnicity, origin, gender identity, caregiver and family commitments, sexual orientation, or disability status. We are a collaborative group and believe the best science is done in teams.

Please get in touch with any questions or to discuss any potential opportunities.

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Graduate students

I have the possibility to supervise graduate students as part of the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation or through the Interdisciplinary Ecology program run by the School of Natural Resources and Environment. The intake procedures are mostly similar, but please see here for more information on a PhD in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and here for more information on the Interdisciplinary Ecology program. I only take on graduate students if I have the funding. Keep in mind we are located in Davie, Florida, and not on the main campus of UF in Gainesville.

Undergraduate students

I enjoy working with undergraduate students and often have many projects that are well-suited to undergrads, ranging from surveying biodiversity of urban greenspaces to quantitative analyses. There are a number of ways to find summer funding to employ undergraduates to do work in our research group.


I am keen to work with postdocs to develop research proposals that can support one’s own funding. See below for some examples of funding schemes we could discuss applying for. I encourage reaching out directly to me, and the earlier the better.


I am also always interested in chatting with individuals from the US or abroad about opportunities to visit the research group. For example, the Fulbright fellowship.

Funding Opportunities

Here is a list of potential fellowship opportunities for graduate students that I would be happy to support:

Here is a list of potential fellowship opportunities for postdoctoral research fellows that I would be happy to support: